Mental Health Matters

At Cress, we develop digital technologies tailored to your wellness needs so you can live the happy and fulfilling life you deserve.
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Who We Are

We believe that everyone deserves support

Our mission is to democratize access to mental health resources so everyone regardless of circumstances can live their best life.
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What We Do


Callie is your personal wellness companion, providing the support you need to live the happy and fulfilling life that you deserve.
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Cress Wellness Bundle

The Cress wellness bundle combines personal wellness with a community of peers so that you always have the support you need.
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Cress Cares

Cress Cares is our global nonprofit initiative where we work with community partners to provide mental health access for all.
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Cress Discover

The Cress Discover program is a tight-knit cohort of university students across the nation who are passionate about mental health advocacy.
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